Volkswagen Oil Change Service

Let our experts help you to know what oil is right, and then we’ll help you out by doing the oil change!

Oil Change Services in Woodbridge, VA

When it’s time for an oil change, the experts are here at Karen Radley Volkswagen. We can help you know which oil is right for you: conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend, or diesel. Your engine will last so much longer because of all the hard work you put in now to take care of it, and we’re ready to help you give that care. Let our experts help you to know what oil is right, and then we’ll help you out by doing the oil change!

Oil Changes Services

  • Full Synthetic - Synthetic oil is so named because, unlike conventional oil, it was designed for car engines. While conventional oil happens to fit the bill, synthetic oil is engineered to be most effective at your car’s engine’s temperature and pressure. It also contains chemical additives that work to protect your engine, preventing things like corrosion and rust from gumming up the works.
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  • Conventional - Conventional oil changes are the standard at any oil change facility. Conventional oil is a filtered product of crude oil, and it’s been used for decades to keep engines cool and lubricated. They’re usually the least expensive option for your oil change, and generally are the shortest-lasting oils on the market. They still lubricate and cool your engine, though, so they’re a wonderful product for getting the job done. Our experts will make sure that your conventional oil change is done right, and you’ll be out the door and back at it!
  • Semi-Synthetic - Synthetic blend oil is usually a mixture of synthetic oil and conventional oil, giving some benefits of synthetic oil with a cost closer to conventional oil.
  • Diesel - Diesel oil is a different type of oil entirely. Diesel engines operate at much higher temperatures and pressures than traditional combustion engines, so they need an oil that won’t break down or burn under those conditions. Diesel oil is exactly that, and is designed for maximum viscosity and thermal capacity at diesel engine temperatures and pressures. Your diesel engine needs diesel oil so that it can keep giving you its unique power as long as it can.
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Volkswagen Oil Change Service

Come to Karen Radley Volkswagen for Your Oil Change Services

At Karen Radley Volkswagen, our experts are here and ready to help you with all things oil. While you wait, we have a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi and even a childrens’ play area designed to keep them entertained while waiting! We’ll give you a complimentary multi-point inspection while you're here, empowering you as a car owner to make good choices for the future of your vehicle. Set up your appointment online today!

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Complimentary Karen Radley Volkswagen Amenities

Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your Volkswagen; Karen Radley Volkswagen is your VW service provider of choice with certified service technicians, genuine OEM parts, and monthly service specials. Visit our online service scheduler, or contact our service department, to book your next appointment, and enjoy unbeatable customer amenities such as courtesy loaner vehicles and Wi-Fi in our waiting area.

  • Rental Cars Available
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