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List of Volkswagen Dashboard Warning Lights

The only thing worse than seeing a dashboard warning light? Not knowing what it means. Though these indicators are meant to tell you what is wrong if there is a problem with your vehicle, or to simply indicate a function is working, the symbols aren’t always obvious. What is an exclamation point supposed to mean? This list of Volkswagen dashboard warning lights is here to help you diagnose all the most common problems that can happen with your vehicle.

Warning lights are meant to provide you with a general awareness that a malfunction is occurring, but you’ll want to get an on-board diagnostics check to see what the specific issue is. We can help here at Karen Radley Volkswagen, located right outside of Washington D.C. over in Woodbridge, VA.

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What do the colors of VW indicator lights mean?

Ever noticed that some indicator lights are different than others? There’s a reason for it. You’ll note that everyday functions, like your turn signals or cruise control, illuminate in green. Your check engine light, which can indicate problems both big or small, will be a yellow or orange color, while a low oil pressure light is a vivid red. These differences are no coincidence. Just like traffic lights, green lights mean you are good to go, yellow lights are ones that you should get checked out as soon as convenient, while red lights mean you should likely pull over.

Green Foot on Pedal Icon

Apply brakes to shift

DRL Icon

Daytime running lights

Yellow WIndshield Washer Icon

Washer fluid low

Half circle exclamation point yellow icon

Low tire pressure

Yellow Steering Wheel

Electronic power steering malfunction

Yellow Icon three gumdrop shapes with lines

Rain sensor malfunction

Yellow squiggle or spring

Pre-glow system on; malfunction if flashing

Yellow Square with dots and parallel lines

Particulate filter blocked

Yellow oil can with triangular squiggle underneath

Low oil

Yellow License Plate

License plate bulb burned out

Yellow car outline with key for back tire

Incorrect key

Rear end car outline in yellow with thick yellow lines extending out at an angle

Fuel cap off or missing

Yellow gas pump

Low fuel

Yellow car with swerve traction lines

ESP/ASP triggered or deactivated


Electric power control; throttle malfunction

Check engine light

Check engine light

Cartoon light bulb

Bulb failure

Circle with three dashes on each side

Brake pad wear

Circle with light bulb in middle

Brake light out

Gear circle with exclamation point

Automatic transmission malfunction

Person in seat with circle in front icon

Airbag faulty or deactivated

Yellow pouring bottle with black wrench

AdBlue system failure

Yellow bottle pouring icon

AdBlue level low

Anti-lock braking system malfunctionABS
Red oil can yellow exclamation point half circle gauge

Oil pressure low

Red and yellow cars stacked with exclamation points

Hybrid system malfunction; stop vehicle if red

Red circle around exclamation point

Low brake fluid or parking brake engaged

Red car with popped hood

Hood not latched properly

Red P crossed off in red circle

Electric parking brake malfunction

Red gear circle around red thermometer icon

DSG temperature too high

Red thermometer over wavy lines

Low coolant/temp. too high

Red bottle pouring liquid

Adblue too low to restart vehicle

Red battery icon

Charging system failure

Diagnose the problem at Karen Radley Volkswagen

Knowing what a light means is often only half the battle. Most people are aware that a check engine light indicates something wrong in the powertrain, but it can be a simple issue with the exhaust or a larger problem. You don’t have to leave it a mystery. Here at Karen Radley Volkswagen, we can quickly diagnose the specific issue that is triggering your warning lights. We’ll fix the problem, and reset any lights so you can get back on the road and feel confident in your vehicle. Schedule an appointment online or contact our service department.

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