Karen Radley Volkswagen Brake Pad Replacement Service

Brake Pad Replacement Service


Get Subaru Brake Pad Replacement at Karen Radley Volkswagen in Woodbridge, VA

We don't have to tell you how important the brakes on your Volkswagen are, and the brake pads are a crucial part of the braking system. When your VW needs its brake pads replaced, head to Karen Radley Volkswagen, serving Dale City and Lorton. We have a team of experts who will be glad to replace the brakes on your VW, and our dedication to quality makes us worth the drive from Montclair or Newington. We can provide a replacement service for either just the front or rear pads, or both.

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What Do the Brake Pads Do?

When you step on the brake pedal, hydraulic brake fluid both amplifies and transfers the force of your foot, causing the calipers to squeeze brake pads down onto the rotors or discs. The brake pads are made of two main components: the backing, which is made of metal, and the lining, which is made of a friction-resistant material. The backing is what connects to the calipers, while the lining presses against the rotors. This lining is designed to prevent friction damage; as such, it wears down faster than the metal of the rotor. It's important to get your brake pads replaced before the lining has worn out entirely. If you don't, the metal backing will contact the rotors, which can damage them.

How Often Does My VW Need Brake Pad Replacement?

Unlike some services, there's no exact mileage at which this one should be performed. Sometimes, brake pads last up to 50,000 miles. Other times, they only last 25,000 miles or less. This is even true of OEM VW brake pads, and it's primarily due to different braking habits. That's why we recommend having your brakes inspected regularly. During a brake inspection, our technicians will see how much of the brake pad lining is left and let you know if the brake pads need to be replaced.

Brake Pad Replacement Service

Why Choose Karen Radley Volkswagen for VW Brake Pad Replacement?

There are many other places around Woodbridge where you can get your brake pads replaced, but Karen Radley Volkswagen is the better option. We employ factory-certified technicians who will use only OEM VW brake pads, which have guaranteed quality you might not get in the aftermarket. What's more, our comfortable waiting area is filled with amenities to make the wait more enjoyable. If you'd rather not wait around, check out our courtesy transportation shuttle or loaner vehicles. We even offer home or office pick-up and delivery! When you're ready to bring your VW in for brake pad replacement, use our online service scheduler. We look forward to seeing you at Karen Radley Volkswagen!


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