Volkswagen Awarded Title of World’s Most Sustainable Automaker

By Product Expert | Posted in Awards on Monday, September 14th, 2015 at 11:17 am
World's most sustainable car company

World’s Most Sustainable Car Company

Volkswagen has once again claimed the title as the world’s most sustainable automaker in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. The German car maker also took this prestigious position in 2013.

The experts from RobecoSAM—an international investment firm that specializes in sustainability—who calculated the award’s scoring, were impressed by Volkswagen’s comprehensive commitment to sustainability in all senses of the word. The most obvious place for this is in terms of environmental and ecological sustainability, which Volkswagen as a company considers a highly important consideration when building a vehicle. In 2014, Volkswagen made a significant investment into researching new technology that will be available for implementation in VW vehicles as early as 2019.

But ecological sustainability was not the only category in which Volkswagen excelled. For the two other scored categories—social sustainability and economic sustainability—Volkswagen scored a 91/100 and 93/100, respectively.

Social sustainability isn’t necessarily a household term. On a basic level, it relates to topics such as social equity, livability, social capital, labor rights, and human rights. Essentially, Volkswagen’s high level of social sustainability shows that it’s not just trying to make the most money possible. The human impact of Volkswagen’s actions is something the company takes seriously, and works to improve. Company-wide conduct and anti-corruption compliance helped bolster Volkswagen in terms of social sustainability.

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Last but not least, Volkswagen has shown superior integrity when it comes to economic sustainability. This is basically a measure of Volkswagen’s ability to continue their level of production. While this might seem like a factor that relates only to company stakeholders, it actually greatly benefits consumers as well. An economically sustainable company, such as Volkswagen, can spend the majority of its time improving its product instead of worrying about meeting a bottom line. This astronomical economic sustainability rating certainly indicates Volkswagen is a healthy company, but only because its product has been proven as superior time and time again.

Volkswagen’s distinction as the world’s leading automaker in terms of sustainability should put the German automaker on the radar of any prospective car buyer. If you’re interested learning more about Volkswagen, or possibly taking one for a test drive, check out the vast selection of models at Karen Radley Volkswagen.