Common reasons your car won’t start

By Product Expert | Posted in Service on Monday, July 16th, 2018 at 3:34 pm
2018 VW Golf GTI push-button start

Why is my Volkswagen engine not starting?

There’s nothing that can quite make your heart drop to your stomach like a car that won’t turn over when you really have someplace to be. Especially when you have no idea what the issue is. If you’re wondering why your Volkswagen engine isn’t starting, it’s very likely not something as obvious as a dead battery. Though if it is, at least it’s a simple issue to fix.

When you VW is dead silent

If your vehicle isn’t even cranking, it’s frequently an electrical issue. One common reason is that your vehicle key fob is not being recognized, though usually if this is the case you will see a yellow dashboard warning light in the shape of a key. This light is your immobilizer and it’s an anti-theft device. If you’re lucky, you’ve simply used the wrong car key, or you need to change your key fob battery, though you might also need to get your key fob reprogrammed.

A broken clutch or parking sensor could be another reason your car won’t start, as both need to be depressed before you can start your car.

Of course, there’s also the battery issue. Sure, you might think that you definitely didn’t leave a light on, but if the battery terminals are worn you could have a slow leak you aren’t aware of.

What about your starter? A faulty starter solenoid is usually detected by a clicking noise rather than absolute silence.

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What happens when the engine is cranking but won’t turn over?

There are many times when your car will crank, but it just won’t start. Top reasons for this center on your fuel system. Running out of gas, a clogged fuel system or a broken fuel pump will all prevent the vehicle from starting. Faulty spark plugs and a broken starter can also be problems in this case.

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