Where To Go on Road Trips Around Woodbridge, VA

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Where To Go On Road Trips Around Woodbridge, VA

Nestled 20 miles south of Washington D.C., near the Belmont Bay, is the town of Woodbridge in Virginia. The Potomac River separates it from the state of Maryland. The city of Woodbridge offers a plethora of fun activities and places to visit within the town. If you are done and dusted with the parks and attractions of the town, we have some cool choices for short trips from Woodbridge, VA.

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Red Volkswagen Out on a trip
Red Volkswagen Out on a trip

Top road trips around Woodbridge, VA

The pivotal location around Belmont Bay makes it a gateway for amazing weekend trips. Let us know more about where to go on Road trips around Woodbridge, VA.

Gettysburg and National Military Park

Travel straight up 92 miles north of Woodbridge to reach Gettysburg and National Military Park. The Park is famous for its interpretation of the Battle of Gettysburg of 1863 of the Civil War era. It has been on restoration since then and now has colorful flower plantations and orchids. You can’t miss this Federally owned park while in Gettysburg, PA. the panoramic countryside views are the reward in the end.

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Located in Virginia, 100 miles southwest of Woodbridge is the serene town of Monticello. The town is famous for Lake Monticello from which it got its name. The town is home to Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president of the country, and houses his stately mansion of 1769 along with a slave plantation, museum, a café, and more. The town has a laidback lifestyle so you can visit to take some time off from the busy fast-paced life, take a step back and reflect, feeling inspired by the life of the former president.

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Hikers enjoying their trek
Hikers enjoying their trek

Aberdeen Maryland

The city of Aberdeen lies 93 miles from Woodbridge, sitting across the Elk River. Dominated by immigrant Scotts, Aberdeen is a quaint little town. The town got its name from its counterpart in Scotland. The serene town is good for a stroll or a visit to the Festival Park or Victory Street Park. Interestingly, the town is home to a famous reggae rock bank, the Ballyhoo as well!

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