Is the VW digital cockpit just a gauge cluster?

By Product Expert | Posted in Features & Technology on Friday, August 10th, 2018 at 1:30 pm
Close up of Volkswagen Digital Cockpit

What is the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit?

Though the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit isn’t seen across the entire lineup, it was a recent addition to some vehicles in 2018, such at the Atlas. Naturally, it has some motorists wondering what makes it so special. For those who have been wondering if it’s just an entirely digital gauge cluster, we’re looking at what the VW Digital Cockpit is.

Completely customizable gauge cluster

Is the VW Digital Cockpit just an all-digital gauge cluster? We would say no. The main difference is that the large, high-resolution TFT color display is completely customizable. This includes not only expected features like driving or safety system information, but you can turn the entire screen into a GPS navigation map.

The benefits of this should be obvious. It’s a bit unnatural for our gaze to fall off to the side, where the infotainment system is and where we often see navigation displays. By making a customizable display right where your vision naturally falls, it’s easier to follow turn-by-turn instructions.

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Your standard displays are naturally going to show your tachometer and speedometer, along with gear selection and speed. In addition to your Auto and Classic displays, you can customize three additional views that can be quickly accessed. You might set up special trip displays to see what your fuel economy is like or how long the trip takes to drive. Whatever information is most important to you then becomes front and center. Switching between displays is fast and easy.

Do you find the more information the better, or do you prefer a clean display with only the essential data? Share your thoughts with a comment here at the Karen Radley Volkswagen Blog.