How to tie a Christmas Tree down on your car

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toy car with christmas tree figurine tied on top of it

Securing a tree on the roof of your car

No home will be complete this holiday season without a Christmas tree. While some may opt for an artificial tree, most know that the best way to celebrate the Christmas season is with an authentic tree, complete with needles and that fresh pine smell. If you plan on visiting a local tree farm, here are a few tips and trips that will make transporting your tree home easy and safe.

pine tree on top of the roof of a van

What you should bring to the tree farm:

  • Protective gloves
  • Blanket, sheet or tarp
  • Plenty of rope, nylon straps, bungee cords or bailers’ twine
  • After picking out your tree, you can secure it to your vehicle following these steps.

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How to transport a Christmas Tree

  1. Shake out the tree, getting rid of any extra needles, branches, bugs or extra critters so they don’t go flying while you drive.
  2. Wrap the tree up in your blanket or tarp, which will keep it from scratching up your roof as well as make it easier to handle.
  3. While wearing the gloves, lift your tree on top of your vehicle with its trunk facing the front of the vehicle, which will make your tree more aerodynamic.
  4. Tie your tree down using your roping equipment. To start, wrap the rope around the tree as tightly as you can. From there, tie the tree to your car’s roof rack, or something secure inside the vehicle if you don’t have one. You can also tie the ends of the rope together at the ceiling inside of the vehicle.
  5. Pull and push on your tree to make sure that it is secure. Tighten the ties if needed.
  6. Avoid high-traffic areas and drive slowly. Try not to accelerate or stop abruptly.


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