Tire rotations are likely the most overlooked service

By Product Expert | Posted in Service, Tips & Tricks on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 at 3:20 pm
How often should you get your VW tires rotated

How often should you get your VW tires rotated?

Everyone knows to get their oil changed regularly, sometimes more often than is even necessary for modern vehicles. Brake pads? You’ll want to ensure those never wear too thin or you’ll put yourself in danger, plus they start squealing as a reminder. Modern cars also warn you when tire pressure is low, to avoid a sudden blowout. These are all common services that most motorists know to keep up to date, leaving tire rotations as one of the most overlooked of regular maintenance. How often should you get your VW tires rotated, and what are the benefits? We’re here to help.

Get your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles

We consider tire rotations to be something of a seasonal service because we typically perform tire rotations every six months.Volkwagen tires Washington DC It’s easiest to remember as a service you do in spring and fall, ahead of winter and ahead of summer. If you commute, and therefore rack up miles, it might be more frequent that this. Some places will even tell you to rotate your tires every time you get an oil change, but that may be too frequent for many.

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So why get your tires rotated? To put it simply, when you drive your vehicle, your tires don’t wear evenly. Every time you turn, you’re putting more wear on your front tires, as your rear tires are simply following behind. In order to combat this wear, we switch your tires from the front to the rear, sometimes diagonally, depending on how they look. We check the wear patterns to gauge how to best even things out so that you get the most life out of your tires.

Tire rotations are considered part of your VW scheduled service, so as long as you bring your vehicle to us here at Karen Radley Volkswagen, we’ll be sure to remind you. Following scheduled maintenance retains your VW new car warranty, and tire rotations are often required for any tire warranty. Plus, it helps you retain your vehicle’s value. While we have the tires off, we also have the opportunity to check your brakes and ensure everything is balanced correctly, preventing wear and tear in other ways you might not consider.

Think it might be time for a tire rotation for your Volkswagen? Check out our service coupons for specials on tire rotations before you stop by for a visit. Also be sure to check back here at the Karen Radley Volkswagen Blog for other service tips and tricks.