Active lighting system will help illuminate the road ahead

By Product Expert | Posted in Volkswagen Technology on Thursday, June 1st, 2017 at 11:41 am
How do dynamic automatic cornering lights work

How do dynamic automatic cornering lights work?

You might think that there are only so many things that can be adjusted to make a vehicle better. After all, people use to drive with little more than the bare minimum when it comes to safety and features. At the core of things, your car is meant to get you from place to place, and things like infotainment are merely a convenience. Then again, many things we consider upgrades, actually help improve safety. It’s true we don’t necessarily need autonomous braking, but driver assistance features offer added safety when inevitable human error occurs. Cornering headlights don’t quite fall into this category, but they are useful in helping with visibility at night. So how do dynamic automatic cornering lights work?

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Driving at night isn’t exactly ideal, although it can be fun when you’re in the right mood. There’s still no denying that visibility is down, and animals are out and about with not a care for your car. Hitting a deer or other large beast can demolish your vehicle, and it can feel particularly risk when you don’t know what’s around the bend.

With the VW adaptive front lighting, you get dynamic corner-illuminating lights that can turn the headlights up to 15 degrees. Future models will use cameras and navigation data to know when turns are coming up ahead. The VW Arteon concept takes these features to the next level with predictive lighting, so it knows when you’re coming up on a corner before you do.

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Other active lighting features include dual headlights, projector lenses, automatic headlights and more. Though it isn’t clear if the Arteon will be heading to our shores anytime soon, we think advanced lighting options will be offered more and more.

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