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Volkswagen may be losing the Touareg from its lineup

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017
Is the VW Touareg being discontinued after 2017

Is the VW Touareg being discontinued after 2017?

Let’s face it, the Volkswagen Touareg has always been something of a niche vehicle in the lineup. The mid-size SUV has sat at the top of the lineup, as one of just two SUVs offered from the automaker. It’s an odd thing, considering it’s meant to be a luxury option, when no non-luxury choice is available. In a good, better, best situation, VW has only been offering the best, but that’s a hard pill to swallow without being shown how it is better than less expensive vehicles. With the Atlas and new Tiguan heading to dealerships for 2018, rumors are flying that the VW Touareg may be discontinued after the latest 2017 model year. (more…)