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Powerful engine specs help the 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI deliver incredible performance

Friday, May 1st, 2020
2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI driving on a road

2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI Engine Specs 

The auto industry offers many vehicles that promise to give you the performance you want on the road but, many of them fall short of expectations. If you want to drive a new car that offers the perfect combination of style and performance, you’ve just found it. The 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI has the looks you want on the road and engine specs you need to have fun behind the wheel. Keep reading to learn more about the performance features and horsepower and torque ratings of the new 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI. 


Is the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI fast?

Friday, December 20th, 2019
2019 Golf GTI wheel and caliper close up

2019 Golf GTI Top Speed, Acceleration, and Performance

The Golf GTI has been around since 1974, just two years after the first Golf went into mass production. The rest is history. Volkswagen has been perfecting the Golf ever since, making every generation and yearly iteration better than the last. So, that brings us to today and the 2019 Golf GTI and its performance numbers. Let’s take a look.

Is the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI fast?


Which Trim Levels are Available with the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI?

Thursday, October 10th, 2019
Front passenger angle of a blue 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI driving away from a city

2019 VW Golf GTI Trims and MSRP

Do you know how many trim levels are available with the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI? Perhaps you are researching your options and looking at prices for a new hatchback. To help you, we have listed the trims and MSRP for the 2019 VW Golf GTI in the table below! (more…)

How Much Cargo Can the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI Carry?

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019
Front passenger angle of a blue 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI driving down a road

One of the many great things about hatchback vehicles is that they are fantastic for carrying lots of cargo. With a spacious back and the ability to put rear seats down, hatchbacks can carry more than what cars with small trunks are capable of. Pair this with excellent fuel economy, hatchbacks make for great vehicles for small families or commuters. Here at Karen Radley Volkswagen, if you are considering a new hatchback, consider the new 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI. (more…)

How Powerful is the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI?

Thursday, February 14th, 2019
2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI badging

2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Specs

If you’re among the many drivers that enjoy the sporty stylings and versatile design of the Volkswagen Golf, you should know that it had a powerhouse twin that offers a performance-oriented drive. The 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI features the same exterior design as the traditional Golf, with a few signature styling elements, with the added bonus of a more powerful engine performance. (more…)

View the exterior paint colors available for the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Monday, February 4th, 2019
2019 vw golf gti rabbit

2019 VW Golf GTI Exterior Color Options

Sporty and powerful, the new 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI is a lustrous and stylish hatchback designed for drivers looking for an element of excitement from their everyday drive. Adding to the versatile and sporty appeal of the Golf GTI is its sleek and modern design, enhanced by its exterior color options. (more…)

The Golf GTI could be speedier next year with a new variation

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

VW Golf GTI TCR Prototype Concept Worthersee Enthusiast Festival

Here’s the thing about the Volkswagen lineup. Though we think of the Beetle as one of the more iconic vehicles because it has the longest history, for many loyal drivers, it’s the Golf GTI that gets a gold star.  The model is the original hot hatch, and though its history isn’t quite as long as that of the Beetle, it’s quite possible the enthusiast crowd is even larger for it. This can be seen in the annual festival held in Worthersee, which has been an ongoing tradition since 1982 and is easily the largest meet in the world for the Golf GTI. This year, we’re expecting there will be an even bigger crowd as VW has announced the VW Golf GTI TCR Prototype concept will be unveiled. (more…)

Is the 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI really a hot hatch?

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018
White 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI

2018 VW Golf GTI Performance Specs and Engine Horsepower

They say that the Volkswagen Golf GTI was the model to coin the term “hot hatch,” though it certainly wasn’t the first hatchback to prove it has a little more power under the hood than appearances might indicate. The funny thing is, to modern drivers at least, the original Golf GTI here in North America offered just 90 horsepower. These days, that wouldn’t be considered a lot of ponies. Today, we’re looking at the performance specs and engine horsepower of the 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI. Does it offer the performance you’d expect from a vehicle with such a long heritage? (more…)