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Where Can Adults Go to Enjoy Halloween near Washington DC?

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019
Orange moon on a dark background with the text "Halloween Events for Adults Washington DC"

Halloween Events for Adults Washington DC

Why should just the kids enjoy Halloween? There are many Halloween events within Washington DC that are designed for adults. Whether you want time away from the kids or are looking to spend quality time with friends, check out each of these Halloween event suggestions! (more…)

Popular Historical Monuments and Sites to Visit in Washington DC

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019
Front view of the US Capitol across the water at night

If you’re in the Washington DC area and haven’t gotten to visit our nation’s historical landmarks, consider checking them out this weekend! As the capitol of the United States, there are so many sites to visit that it’s difficult to cover each in one day. Here, we found a list of our top 10 places to visit in Washington DC. (more…)

Mother’s Day Events and Activities in Washington DC

Thursday, May 9th, 2019
row of tulips

What to do for Mother’s Day 2019 in Washington DC

Show your mom how much you care this year for Mother’s Day by spending the day making her feel special. If you’re looking to get out and enjoy the city, here are some of the many Mother’s Day events and activities going on in Washington DC. (more…)

Best Restaurants for Valentine’s Day 2019 in Washington DC

Thursday, February 7th, 2019
Best Restaurants for Valentine’s Day 2019 in Washington DC

Where to get dinner on Valentine’s Day in Washington DC

Looking for somewhere special to take your significant other this Valentine’s Day? There are a variety of options available here in the Washington DC area! Be sure to check out some of these highly-rated DC-area restaurants and make a reservation today. (more…)

How to tie a Christmas Tree down on your car

Monday, December 10th, 2018
toy car with christmas tree figurine tied on top of it

Securing a tree on the roof of your car

No home will be complete this holiday season without a Christmas tree. While some may opt for an artificial tree, most know that the best way to celebrate the Christmas season is with an authentic tree, complete with needles and that fresh pine smell. If you plan on visiting a local tree farm, here are a few tips and trips that will make transporting your tree home easy and safe. (more…)

Things To Do for Halloween 2018 in Woodbridge VA and Northern Virginia

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018
Mom Handing out Candy to Trick or Treaters, an Orange Background with Black Trick or Treat Text and a Picture of Kids Trick or Treating

2018 Halloween Trick or Treat Times and Events Washington D.C.

Halloween is right around the corner and many residents in Northern Virginia are looking forward to putting on their costumes and hitting the streets in search of delicious Halloween treats. Find the perfect place to get your Halloween fix this fall with this list of 2018 Halloween trick or treat times and events near Washington D.C. Make this Halloween even more exciting and get behind the wheel of the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon later this year at Karen Radley VW! (more…)

Things to do for Labor Day 2018

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018
Fall field with Labor Day Weekend text

2018 Labor Day Weekend Events Washington D.C.

Labor Day weekend is a time when we celebrate by not performing labor. That is, unless you have chores you really want to catch up on. For most of us, it’s a long weekend to enjoy the end of the summer season.  Even if the warm weather doesn’t come to an abrupt stop, we do see outdoor events begin to slow down, so it sometimes feels like a last hurrah when it comes to getting outside and feeling those sunrays. That said, here are some things to do in Washington D.C. for Labor Day 2018. (more…)

Celebrate summer and our freedom with these Independence Day celebrations

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018
Red , orange and purple fireworks with Catch The Fireworks on the 4th of July text

2018 Washington D.C. Firework Displays and 4th of July Events

When we talk about the “holiday season” we typically mean the winter holidays, right? Here at our Alexandria VA location, summer is special time too. Particularly around the 4th of July. While our main focus is typically on the fireworks displays and other area events, the birthday of Alexandria is also right around the corner. It’s basically a back-to-back time to enjoy some impressive views. Here’s what you need to know about the 2018 events. (more…)

Pay tribute to our troops at these Memorial Day events

Monday, May 14th, 2018
Weathered hand holding old war photograph

2018 Memorial Day Events Washington D.C.

Though we often think of Memorial Day as a kick off to summer since it extends the weekend for many employees, it’s not a holiday that’s exactly about celebrating. Rather, it’s one where we honor the individuals who have put their lives on the line for America. Washington D.C. is naturally going to have some of the biggest Memorial Day events, as the U.S. Capital. Here’s what to do. (more…)

Some of our favorite Mother’s Day Brunches

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018
Mother and daughter holding hands and walking down a trail

2018 Mother’s Day Brunches Washington D.C.

Moms out there know that parenthood doesn’t end when a child comes of age. It lasts long past the turning of a calendar that says your child is now an adult. From teaching you to tie your shoes, to helping you sort through the ins and outs of your first mortgage, Mom has always been there to give you solid advice and help with life’s lessons. For all that, there’s just one day a year dedicated to saying thank you. For those in the Washington D.C., here are our top choices for 2018 Mother’s Day Brunches. (more…)