What do the different Volkswagen service lights mean?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 2:16 pm
Where can I find a list of VW warning lights

Where can I find a list of VW warning lights?

You know what’s fun? Taking home a new Volkswagen. You don’t know what’s not quite as exciting? That feeling you have when a light pops up in the dashboard, especially when it’s one you don’t recognize. It can also be hard to find out what various lights mean when they are so hard to describe. Just try searching for what “that round one” or “the exclamation point one” means, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. If you’re wondering where you can find a list of VW warning lights, you’ve stopped at the right place. Below you’ll find the most common lights found in VW models here in the U.S.

Color meaning for VW warning lights

As you can see below, the warning lights that illuminate your dash come in green, yellow and red. Just like traffic lights. Green lights mean that a system is triggered, or that a step must be taken to activate a feature. No big deal, and nothing to give you pause. Yellow lights serve as warnings. A fluid is low, a system is malfunctioning or a light is burnt out. These lights may mean you need a repair or should bring your vehicle in for maintenance, but you won’t necessarily fail to reach your destination. It’s the red lights that should really concern you, as they typically mean a failure, and in some cases yoour vehicle either won’t run, or could be a danger if you continue driving.

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VW Service lights

VW Yellow Red Service lights


This list of dashboard warning lights is for all modern Volkswagen models sold in America. You might find variations if you drive an older model or if you have made your way to the Karen Radley Volkswagen Blog from an outside market. If you have any service questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to our staff members here, or stay tuned for more posts like this one.