VW I.D. Buzz will be the Microbus of the future

By Product Expert | Posted in Volkswagen Concepts, Volkswagen I.D. on Thursday, August 24th, 2017 at 2:39 pm
When is VW bringing back the Microbus?

When is VW bringing back the Microbus?

When it comes to the VW lineup, we all seem to want what we can’t have. The Beetle remains an icon for many drivers, but the truly missed vehicle is the T2, also known as the Microbus. It was a favorite for surfers, hippies and anyone who just wanted a home away from home, and it sadly went out of production and couldn’t be brought back because it simply can’t meet modern regulations. Fortunately for those who have shed a single tear at its memory, the flood gates can be closed right back up. The VW I.D. Buzz has been announced as a future production vehicle. So when is VW bringing back the Microbus? As early as 2022.

The I.D. Buzz could be even better than the T2ID Buzz Steering Wheel

It’s not that we mean to step on any toes here, as we know the Kombi, Microbus or whatever else you mean to call it has a huge following. The I.D. Buzz, though it’s gained much interest, doesn’t quite have the iconic looks of the Microbus, so how could it possibly be better? Well, if you think of it as the go-to vehicle for the flower child, then it stands to reason that an electric version is even better. After all, environmentalism is a major issue, and the I.D. Buzz will be all electric. This means a lower carbon footprint, while also offering an open interior as important components are housed under the vehicle.

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So why is VW holding off on handing over the keys for another five years? Simple. Electric range just isn’t what it could be, and the electric vehicle charging infrastructure has a long way to go. It just doesn’t make sense to release a vehicle that won’t have wide appeal for anyone outside of major cities.

The original I.D. Buzz Concept also offered plenty of shiny features, like a collapsible steering wheel for autonomous driving, that won’t be ready at this time. It’s generally predicted that fully autonomous cars can’t hit roads until 2025, and the I.D. Buzz would only be partially autonomous even in 2022. This year is also the projected year for the regular Volkswagen I.D. to go into production, so we’re hoping for a full EV lineup in five short years.

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