Volkswagen Adds Gesture Control Technology to New Production Models

By Product Expert | Posted in New Models, Volkswagen Technology on Monday, January 25th, 2016 at 12:23 pm
What is Volkswagen Gesture Control Technology at Karen Radley VW-Woodbridge VA-Volkswagen e-Golf Gesture Control Technology Touchscreen

What is Volkswagen Gesture Control Technology?

Technology is always a focus of the automotive industry and the Volkswagen brand has taken steps to cement its status as an industry leader. Amid the excitement of the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the German-engineered brand drew plenty of attention with the unveiling of new Volkswagen Gesture Control technology that is set to go to production.

Take entertainment and information gathering to the next level with this new system and find answers to the question — what is Volkswagen Gesture Control technology? With this system implemented in the performance-tuned Volkswagen Golf GTI, you can combine performance and next-generation technology.

What Can Volkswagen Gesture Control Technology Do?

This new and innovative infotainment system centers around a vivid and configurable 9.2-inch touchscreen interface that offers countless new features. Working in conjunction with the new touchscreen, Volkswagen Gesture Control employs four touch-sensitive buttons and a push-rotary switch. The main touchscreen features a large main screen with customizable tiles on the rights side of the screen that can fit ten different functions that include — music, media, navigation and smartphone integration platforms.

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Several new elements will be put into sharp relief with the addition of Volkswagen Gesture Control technology. A new feature that will promote hands-free communication is the implementation of a voice-recognition function. All a driver needs to do is say “Hello Volkswagen”, to activate the system and gain access to information and entertainment features. Take a closer look at more assets and applications of this innovative Volkswagen technology.

Wireless Charging – Many new models include wireless charging systems, so you can stay connected during your drive each day. The new Volkswagen system will add an inductive wireless charging tray integrated into the center console. What sets this system apart from competitors is the availability of wireless charging for rear passengers in the center armrest.

What is Volkswagen Gesture Control Technology at Karen Radley VW-Volkswagen e-Golf VW Car-Net Apple CarPlay
What is Volkswagen Gesture Control Technology at Karen Radley VW-Woodbridge VW-Golf SportWagen VW Car-Net Apple CarPlay

Electronic Voice Amplification – Tired of yelling over the music or noise of the road to talk to passengers in the backseat? Electronic Voice Amplification is an innovative feature that uses the hands-free microphone and rear speakers to help you communicate. The volume of this system automatically adjusts to speed and music volume, making it easy to carry on a conversation.

Personalization 2.0 – Personalization and customization are highlights of new Volkswagen Gesture Control technology. This new Personalization 2.0 feature pairs your personal user settings with a cloud-based Volkswagen Car-Net ID. If you then drive another compatible Volkswagen vehicle, you can upload your personal settings to your friend’s 2016 Volkswagen Passat VW Car-Net infotainment system.

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These new elements and features are just the tip of the technological iceberg and will allow you to customize your Volkswagen driving experience. Looking to the future, Volkswagen Gesture Control technology is sure to change the way you interact with entertainment and information when you are behind the wheel of your new Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept. Armed with a greater understanding of what Volkswagen Gesture Control technology is, you can make a more informed car-buying decision when it comes to your next Volkswagen vehicle.